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IMPORTANT: Follow these install instructions exactly. I had to remove the free marketplace content from this asset, so you need to re-add it in a certain way so the variable and file associations don't break.

Edit: I now also have a support Discord server - Use this as point of contact if you have any feedback or issues.

The Modular Character Component is a compartmentalized approach to managing the mess of data that comes with so many possible variations. With Epic's release of the new permanently free July 2020 Modular Stylized Character Kit by ROCKETARTS, I have adapted the MCC to work with the free content.

I have also created a 3.5 hour tutorial on creating the Modular Character Component from scratch, as I feel learning to make something can often be more important than just being given it. But in this case I leave the choice up to you:)

My youtube tutorial playlist for the Modular Character Component

But on to what the asset does. The Modular Mesh Component:

- is 100% BP, so can be migrated to another project.

- Stores the current mesh data for each modular part of the character.

- Provides Helper functions for randomization.

- Uses weighting to reduce/remove unwanted variations

-Stores all the variations (meshes, materials) in an ordered fashion

- Can be added to other actors, such as item pickups.

- Compartmentalized design means it should be easier to integrate into projects

Frequently Asked Question:

At prices this low, do you have brain damage?
Possibly. I have my reasons though.

In fact;

If you have ever answered a gamedev related question online or made a tutorial, free asset or the like, consider this my way of saying thank you. This asset would not exist if not for the free tutorials that taught me how to use Unreal Engine.

Install instructions

Text Version:

1.Open the uproject file ModChrComponent in the content folder.

2. Don't open any actors or levels just yet!!

3. immediately add the free modular character using the Epic Launcher. (This is the asset: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/stylized-male-character-kit-casual).

4. After that you should be good to go. But just double check that the arrays inside the modular character component are populated. if they are empty then the associations broke:(

5. If broke I have a quick video tutorial that shows how to add the marketplace content to the asset. Try it again after watching it, the video link is at the start of this text guide.

6. If for whatever reason 4 & 5 don't help, the first video in my youtube tutorial is creating and populating those arrays, just skip to the 2nd half of pt1.


ModularChrComponent.zip 6 MB

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